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Maintain, monitor, manage, support and repair your technical infrastructure and systems. We offer end-to-end management of mission critical infrastructure following a service-oriented approach, thus delivering seamless IT support to our clients. Our specialized technical expertise and standardized procedures ensure minimum downtime and optimal use of server, network and users equipment. By ensuring smooth operations and enabling high performance, we leverage our clients’ IT infrastructure as a strategic asset.

Technology Consulting. Major technology waves impact organizations in a profound way. mSolutions helps you ride these waves by leveraging emerging technologies - cloud, everything-as-a-service, mobility, social, big data, analytics - and maximizing the value of your legacy environment.



Application Development and Systems Integration are the core areas of our activity. We design, develop and deliver complex, large-scale projects that cover diverse areas of IT and are based on cutting-edge technologies and best-of-breed products. Our Collaborators help us to provides a broad spectrum of Technology Services to its clients, helping them to transform their business objectives into concrete IT initiatives. We’re proud to work with some of the largest and most admired brands in the world.

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We've had the pleasure of helping a wide variety of companies build and launch better, customer-validated products. Our solutions are popular with large, middle-sized and small companies alike. From financial services to online fashion to the very ways we communicate, they’re forging new status quos.

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Starting with an idea and many dreams, MGN Solutions entered the exciting world of IT business.



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